Shameless Meme [2/6 Gentlemen]: Mickey Milkovich


remember how we all started queer as folk to have a little bit of fun and then suddenly brian was sitting in a hospital covered in justin’s blood for three days straight and life had no meaning anymore (◕ヮ◕)ノ.+*++*+.

“My favourite part of Comic Con, this particular year, is twofold. One, we had the best day as a cast yesterday that we’ve ever had. We had everybody here. Everybody that is a regular on the show that is alive was here and it was so fun to be able to experience it with my fellow castmates…” - [x]

daaamn that supernatural clip

i might… actually be… excited???

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you have to be nice and love me

that’s dumb i’m not gonna do that

k so i won’t be on tumblr a huge amount over the next few days cause my laptop is overheating like a bitch and is making everything quite slow which means i also can’t gif well and i cry a lot

so i’m hopefully gonna get a new laptop this week and then everything will be good again so don’t miss me too much god bless


"I need to know that if I allow myself to love someone that they’re not gonna bail on me. No matter what their friends or their mother say I need to know they’ll be there."

"Yo, yo, yo, 1, 4, 8, 3-to-the-3-to-the-6-to-the-9. Representin’ the ABQ. What up, biatch? Leave it at the tone!"

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*sees notifications* omg I feel so popular *all messages are from laura* oh

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